Brody : October Pal Of The Month

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of apaws for our Pal of the Month, Brody!🐾

Brody’s Adoption Story

Brody, known to his friends and family as “Mr. Prancy Pants” for his joyful prancing and contagious smile, was adopted from a rescue organization at the age of six months by the Laney family. The Laney family was seeking a new forever companion following the loss of their beloved pal, Keira. They embarked on an online search through numerous rescue organizations and came across Brody. It was love at first sight, and they quickly realized he was meant to be their new forever friend. They contacted the organization, scheduled a home visit, and Brody never left; he had found his forever home!

Brody’s Personality

While Brody can be a bit shy initially and may take a moment to warm up to new people, his personality truly shines once he feels comfortable. He transforms into the energetic and bouncy pup we all know and love here at Pawhootz!

Brody’s Favorites at Pawhootz

Brody enjoys his time at Pawhootz, playing with his favorite furry friend, Connor, and his girlfriend, Shadow. He also appreciates all the love and attention from our resort team.

Brody’s Hobbies

When Brody isn’t here, you can find him at home sharing his favorite snack, string cheese sticks, with his mom or practicing his color guard routine. He prances around, playfully grabbing loose socks and tossing them in the air, attempting to catch them. His mom has told him countless times not to practice indoors with her socks. Nevertheless, Brody’s response is an adorable Puss in Boots impression, with him tilting his head and giving those irresistible puppy eyes, hoping to persuade her to let him continue practicing.Brody as a puppy fast asleep on a blanket

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