Blue Moon & Dotti: December Palz Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, every month is an opportunity to make new furry friends, and this December, we’re thrilled to introduce you to not one, but two exceptional canine companions who adore their time with us and their fellow canines. Please join us in giving a heartfelt round of apaws to our December 2022 Palz of the Month: Blue Moon and Dotti! We had the pleasure of sitting down with their humans to uncover what makes these pups so extraordinary.

Meet Blue Moon and Dotti: The Dynamic Dane Duo

Blue Moon, affectionately known as Blue, and Dotti, lovingly referred to as Dot, have their birthdays on March 17th, 2014, and February 8th, 2020, respectively. Their birthday celebrations involve treats and the freedom of open-range runs—a dog’s dream come true! These two precious Great Danes became cherished family members through a thoughtful selection process based on love and unique personalities.

Describing Blue and Dotti in Five Words

To capture Blue and Dotti’s distinct personalities in just five words, we’d say Blue is super laid back, loving, obedient, caring, while Dotti is playful, loving, smart, and incredibly active. These words paint a vivid picture of the diverse personalities that coexist in this dynamic duo.

Blue and Dotti’s Favorite Delights and Intriguing Habits

Blue and Dotti have distinct tastes when it comes to favorites. They both adore Lung treats from Hollywood Feed, but Blue has a particular fondness for large toy balls and stuffed animals to cuddle with, while Dotti delights in frozen bones, rubber squeaky pig toys, and cozy blankets. Their charming habits include Blue’s endearing way of leaning his entire body, hoping to fit into your lap, and Dotti’s tendency to lean her entire head over the driver while riding in the car—a sight to behold. Both of them share a penchant for howling loudly whenever sirens pass by.

Their Love for PawHootz Pet Resort

Blue and Dotti are passionate about their experiences at PawHootz Pet Resort. Blue loves the coming and going, displaying fierce enthusiasm. Dotti, on the other hand, adores her trainers, the fun-filled playtime, and the thrill of contests.

In Blue Moon and Dotti, we’ve discovered a dynamic Dane duo that embodies a diverse range of personalities and characteristics. Their love for life and their unique traits make them the perfect choice for our December 2022 Palz of the Month. We eagerly anticipate the joyful moments and heartwarming interactions that await Blue Moon and Dotti at PawHootz Pet Resort.

Dotti great dane puppy
Blue Moon - great dane puppy
Blue Moon

Congratulations Blue and Dotti for being our December PawHootz Palz of The Month!

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