Best Breeds: Low Maintenance Grooming | Animal America Pet Resort

All dogs require basic care, companionship and grooming. But people who lead a very busy life or have an allergy to pet dander are probably not going to be able to—or want to—devote a ton of time to brushing out their furry friend’s coat.

We get it! So let’s take a quick look at some canine companions that don’t require a whole lot in the way of grooming:


A smooth-coated Dachshund sheds only occasionally and is a generally clean animal. These pups only need to be brushed as often as once per week, and only need infrequent bathing. Combine minimal grooming needs with this breed’s small to medium build, and you get one low-maintenance pupper!


For people who prefer larger breeds, the Greyhound makes a good low-maintenance choice. While they shed somewhat frequently and have more surface area to brush than smaller dogs, their hair is short and very easy to maintain! Additionally, these dogs can be surprisingly low energy and easy to house-train.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a more energetic large dog breed that’s perfect for people who want to enjoy an active lifestyle with their canine companion. And they’re seasonal shedders who don’t shed much hair, so owners of one of these pups can spend less time brushing and more time playing!

French Bulldog

If you’re a fan of adorable short-nosed dogs, the French bulldog makes a great low-maintenance choice! These dogs don’t shed as much or have as many wrinkles to maintain as pugs, and can be taken care of with a weekly brushing and wrinkle wipe and a monthly bath.

No matter what kind of grooming needs your pup has, Animal America Pet Resort is here to help! Visit our website to learn more about our extensive dog grooming options.