Axel & Ozzy: May Palz Of The Month

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a big round of apaws for our Palz Of The Month – Axel & Ozzy!🐾

These two adorable companions share a special bond, having both been born on March 3rd, 2020. They entered their forever home with the Garman family at just 8 weeks old, during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a time filled with uncertainty, these furry friends brought warmth and joy to their family’s life.

Axel and Ozzy have truly charming personalities that shine brightly. They both thrive on being the center of attention and indulging in playful antics. Their daily conversations with their humans about the day’s canine adventures, and their polite requests for their favorite treats, add an extra layer of charm to their personalities. Ozzy, with his preference for delicious pupsicles, and Axel, who exhibits a more refined palate with a penchant for noodles, never fail to entertain.

While they certainly enjoy their beauty sleep, Axel is always eager to greet the day with enthusiasm. He ensures that no one misses the excitement by waking up the household with his spirited howls and cheerful demeanor. This zest for life is especially evident on days when they visit Pawhootz for luxury pet boarding. Axel loves engaging in tail-chasing and heartwarming conversations with his best furry friend, Finnley, during his stays.

Ozzy, on the other paw, adores the affection he receives from our resort staff, especially his beloved counselor, Jessica. He relishes in their care and enjoys a thrilling game of tag with his furry friend, Jack.

Let’s offer our heartfelt congratulations to Axel and Ozzy for Palz of the Month! Thank you for being our spirited and lovable pals, bringing joy and laughter to our lives.❤️

Pet Boarding With Axel & Ozzy
From left to right: Ozzy & Axel
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