Aria: June Pal Of The Month

Welcome to PawHootz Pet Resort, where we have the privilege of making countless furry friends on a regular basis. In this particular month, we are excited to shine a spotlight on a truly exceptional canine companion who thoroughly enjoys her time at our facility, reveling in the company of her fellow four-legged pals. Without further ado, let’s extend a hearty round of applause to our esteemed June 2022 Pal of the Month: none other than the delightful Aria!

Aria’s Journey: From Rescue to Beloved Family Member

Aria, a name that resonates with grace and charm, is the beloved canine member of this family. Her endearing nature has earned her a few affectionate nicknames, although “Aria” stands as her primary moniker. Born on January 20th, 2021, Aria is still in her youthful stages, and her family is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to celebrate her birthday as she continues to grow and thrive. The story of how Aria became an integral part of this family is heartwarming. Her journey commenced when her picture, adorably captured, was stumbled upon through the Home At Last Animal Haven pet rescue on Petfinders.

Love at first sight struck as her future family was captivated by her irresistibly cute face. Their in-person meeting with Aria only solidified their affection for her, and they promptly decided to adopt her into their loving home. Aria’s introduction into the family took place when she was a tender 2.5 months old, marking the beginning of a beautiful chapter in both her life and her humans’ lives.

Aria’s Enchanting Personality and Favorites

In describing Aria’s personality, her family employs five fitting adjectives: “smart,” “sweet-tempered,” “energetic,” “curious,” and “enthusiastic chewer.” Each of these traits contributes to the unique tapestry of her character. When it comes to Aria’s preferences, her favorite toy is a beloved squeeze ball, with which she eagerly engages in games of catch. Additionally, her palate delights in cow puff ears, which undoubtedly bring her joy and satisfaction. Aria’s clever antics never fail to amuse. Among her repertoire of endearing behaviors is a deliberate game she plays with her favorite ball.

She purposefully rolls it under the couch, watching with intrigue to see if it will emerge on the other side. If not, she resorts to her trusty vocal chords, barking animatedly to solicit assistance from her human companions. It’s worth noting that Aria is typically quite reserved in her barking. Heeding commands in exchange for the coveted treat reward—evidence of a strong inclination toward treats! Finally, when asked about Aria’s fondest aspects of PawHootz Pet Resort, her family was quick to highlight the dedicated and attentive counselors who ensure her well-being during her stays, as well as the engaging and entertaining games that she absolutely adores. Indeed, Aria’s enthusiasm for her PawHootz adventures knows no bounds.

Aria: June Pal Of The Month - sitting on a KLIMB for enrichment
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