Alfie: October Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we make lots of furry friends! This month, we’re going to showcase a special canine companion who loves spending time with us and her canine companions. Let’s give a warm round of a-paws to the October 2021 Pal of the Month: Alfie!

Alfie, also affectionately known as Little Alfie, Mooshka (sweet and adorable in Russian), and A-Dog, is a remarkable pup with a unique story.

Alfie became a cherished member of our family during the COVID-19 lockdown, a time when our youngest son’s persistent requests for a puppy finally found a willing audience. When Alfie joined our family, she was just 8 weeks old.

Alfie’s Personality and Favorites

In five words, Alfie’s personality can be described as STUBBORN, sweet, cuddly, nosey, and friendly. While her favorite thing might not be what you expect (the TV remote control), she has some unique habits, like sitting in the car like a person and displaying an obsession with airplanes or anything flying overhead.

One thing that truly warms Alfie’s heart is her time at PawHootz Pet Resort. She revels in playtime and making new friends, but most of all, she adores the love and attention she receives from the staff. Congrats to Alfie once again for Pal of the Month!


Alfie: October Pal Of The Month - lounging on an armchair happily


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