Alfie: October Pal of the Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we make lots of furry friends! This month, we’re going to showcase a
special canine companion who loves spending time with us and her canine companions.
Let’s give a warm round of a-paws to the October 2021 Pal of the Month: Alfie! We
interviewed Alfie’s humans to learn more about what makes this pup so special.

Q: What is your dogs name and do they have any special nicknames?
A: Alfie. Dad calls her Little Alfie. Moms call her Mooshka (sweet and adorable in Russian). The boys call her A-Dog. (No wonder she doesn’t come when called! We thought she was being stubborn…maybe she is just confused.)
Q: When is her birthday?
A: January 27, 2020. With a bone of course!
Q: How did Alfie become a member of your family?
A: Alfie is our Covid pup! Our youngest son started asking for a puppy in 2019 after the passing of our previous dog. Mom’s response was “We can’t get a puppy! We are never home.” Fast forward to spring 2020 when we were all in lockdown at home, Mom no longer had an excuse.
Q: How old was she when she joined your family?
A: 8 weeks.
Q: How would you describe Alfie’s personality in five words?
A: STUBBORN, sweet, cuddly, nosey, and friendly.
Q: What is her favorite food, treat, toy or other thing?
A: The tv remote control 🙁
Q: What is the cutest, smartest or most interesting thing Alfie does?
A: She sits in the car like a person. She is obsessed with airplanes or anything flying overhead!
Q: What is her favorite thing about PawHootz Pet Resort?
A: Alfie LOVES PawHootz! She enjoys play time and making friends, but especially the love and attention from the staff.

Congratulations Alfie for being our October PawHootz Pal of The Month!
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