5 Tips to Relax Your Dog Before Grooming

When it comes to fears, public speaking, spiders, and standardized tests are enough to make the average human shake in their boots. Dogs may not have to worry about getting a good score on the SAT, but there are a few things that are bound to give any dog a case of nerves. 

Unfortunately, a trip to the groomer usually makes the list. It may be tempting to avoid the clippers altogether when you see the look of panic in your pet’s eyes when they hear the G-word. But once your pup is looking more like a pile of fluff and fur, it’s time for the shaggy mane to be tamed. Read on to find a few tips on keeping your dog calm at the groomers.


One of the best-proven ways to rid anxiety is some good, strenuous exercise. Going on a long walk can release endorphins and relieve muscle tension so your pup will feel relaxed and ready to go. 

If the dog salon is close in proximity, you could even kill two birds with one stone by walking to the salon. Many dogs get anxious in car rides, so opting for a stroll to the groomer’s will relax your dog via exercise and by avoiding the automobile.

Calming Caps

If exercise isn’t your pup’s thing, you may want to try a calming cap. There are different varieties of calming caps, but they all function to reduce either visual or aural stimulation or both. Besides looking absolutely adorable, the caps also have a swaddling effect, which soothes your dog. The cap works to lessen the noise associated with trimming, drying, and other loud sounds at the salon.


Most dogs like to play hard. Whether rolling around in the mud or running through the snow, your pup is bound to get dirty. It isn’t necessary to wash your dog every day, but the frequency of pet bathing depends on the type of dog and its lifestyle. 

When you wash your dog, make sure to scrub the shampoo and conditioner in well. You want to get rid of all of the debris, dirt, and tangles throughout its coat.

Soothing Music

If listening to ocean sounds or classical music lulls you right off to sleep, why should it be any different for your pet? Research has found that classical and other types of soothing music have a calming effect on dogs, the same way it does for humans. 

Dogs exposed to soft music were more likely to stay quiet and sit or lay down for extended periods, showing that they felt safe and tranquil. Since pups have such sharp hearing, they can easily be frightened or distracted by various noises. Music may help to cover up other noises to help your pet relax.

Pet-Safe CBD

There is not yet definitive scientific data on the efficacy of CBD in relieving anxiety in pets, but it has been a popular trend recently, and you may want to have your pup give it a try. CBD products for humans aren’t the same products that you should use for your dog, so remember to watch out for THC content, which can be harmful to your pet. Animal CBD products will have the least amount of THC possible.

Explore Their Surroundings

For your pet to feel safe and secure at the groomer’s, they need to be able to explore their surroundings. Let them sniff around the area and the equipment that the groomer will use. Checking out the room and tools will allow them to know what to expect and feel in control. 

We recommend turning on the nail and hair trimmers, so your pup knows what sounds to expect. You can also let your dog play with the groomer a bit before getting started so that they feel familiar and have a positive experience with them.

Dog Grooming at PawHootz

Now that you are equipped with tips to relax your dog, is it time to tame the mane? 

At Pawhootz, we offer a wide variety of grooming and spa services at our pet resort with certified groomers that specialize in making your pet feel safe and happy throughout the entire process. 

We’ll make sure to leave your furry friend squeaky clean from nose to nails with a shiny and beautiful coat. In the end, we’ll send them off with a hand-picked bandana and a spritz of cologne!
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