10 amazing benefits of day camp

10 Amazing benefits of day camp

We love day camp and after you read the 10 amazing benefits of day camp you and your dog will love it too.

  1. Dog day camp provides a safe and fun way for your dog to exercise. Exercises is important for your dog and tired dogs tend to behave a lot better at home. Tired dogs mostly sleep, so there is less time to get in trouble.IMG_4178
  2. Socializing is a very important part of why we provide group play for our dogs. In dog day camp, your dog will learn to interact and play with other dogs. Our dog groups are always supervised by trained camp counselors to provide a fun and safe environment for all the dogs. For this reason, all dogs undergo temperament testing and are introduced to other dogs that we think would be a good play pal. dc Moment
  3. A great benefit of bringing your dog to day camp is that the pup will be accustomed to being handled by several different humans. This is a very important part of getting your dog to be a well rounded pup. Dogs who are introduced and handled by many humans can adapt much better to new circumstances, house guests, new family members, etc.
  4. Time away from home, breaks up the monotony of daily life for your dog. Can you imagineIMG_4229_Moment spending all day, every day in the same spot? It would be quite boring. Day camp is different every day, the people are different, the dogs are different and the games are different. Sometimes your dog will be in the indoor day camp yard or the weather might be lovely and we’ll hold day camp in one of our outside yards. All our yards have pet turf that is tyso1sanitized daily. And the pup gets a super fun car ride to get to us!
  5. Bringing your dog to dog day camp gets them used to being away from home. This means that in the event that you might need to board your dog because you are going out of town or having a huge party, they already know it’s a place where they are safe and they have fun!puppies_Moment
  6. Your puppy won’t miss a meal because you are stuck at work. We’ll feed your pup breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.
  7. Your pup will learn how to share toys and play nicely. Our camp counselors are watching IMG_4144_Momentthe dogs closely to make sure they are all having fun.
  8. Bringing your dog to day camp will keep your home clean. You won’t have to worry about potty training accidents throughout the day or mud stains if it rains.
  9. Dog day camp allows you some free time to run errands or get a massage without worrying about your dog being home alone.
  10. Introducing a new dog into your family can sometimes be a little hard. Bring both dogs to day camp and we’ll organize the introductions. Day camp is a neutral spot where the dogs can get to know each other and play together.

So make an appointment today to experience the 10 amazing benefits of day camp