Summertime Grooming | Animal America Pet Resort

It’s time for warm weather fun with our furry friends! Of course, hot weather also comes with lots of shedding and comfort concerns.

Let’s take a minute to talk about grooming needs for keeping your pet cool and your home hair-free!

To Shave or Not to Shave

When your dog is sporting a heavy fur coat, it can be tempting to try to provide relief for your furry friend by cutting all that heavy hair off. However, it’s not helpful to shave off all the fur.

Instead, opt to trim your dog’s coat and regularly brush out loose hair from shedding. If your dog is a long-haired breed, you can cut or shave the fur as long as you leave an inch of fur for sun protection.

If your dog has short or thin hair, resist the urge to shave at all!

Brush Regularly

Whether you’ve opted to get your dog a haircut or not, regular brushing or combing is a must. Find the brush that’s best suited to your pup’s coat and get into the habit of brushing as needed, especially after outdoor adventures.

When you’re brushing your dog, be thorough. You want to remove any uncomfortable shedding from your furry friend’s undercoat, and you also want to make sure that you remove any dirt, twigs or burs. This is also a great time to check for fleas, ticks and other pests!

While you’re brushing and checking your dog, also look for signs of sunburn or ear infection. Don’t forget to check the paws, too! And always consult your vet before using any home remedies.

Bathe the Right Amount

If your pup is extra dirty or smelly after a day of outdoor activity, it may be time for a bath. Make sure that you’re using cool water and dog-safe shampoo, or employing the services of a professional!

While you should bathe your dog ASAP if he’s covered in dirt or grime, try to avoid bathing your dog too often, as frequent bathing for dogs can lead to dry, itchy skin and a brittle coat. Ideally, your pup should only have a proper bath every couple of weeks, and touch-ups with a damp towel in between to keep dust and dog smell at bay.

When in doubt, come talk to the pros! Our services at Animal America include a wide selection of grooming options. Visit our website to learn more and make an appointment for your pup!