PawHootz Enters Daycare Games!

PawHootz is now participating in The Daycare Games, sponsored by the Dog Gurus!

This an annual competition of off-leash dog play attendants and pet centers. Our team is proud to demonstrate dog leadership skills that make off-leash dog playgroups safe and fun!

Throughout the competition our staff will be challenged in safe off-leash dog play management to improve their skills. Events will include: Dog Recall, Group Sits, Managing The Gate Boundary.

Event 1: Dog Recall

Our staff will work as a team to document the amount of dogs in the playgroup that come when called.

Event 2: Group Sits

Later we will cue the dogs to sit at the same time, hold their position and then record those results.

Event 3: Managing The Gate Boundary

The team will see which furry friends can wait calmly at their predetermined line boundary.

The Daycare Games is a healthy and positive place to compete. We hope you follow along as we conduct these events and hopefully celebrate together in the closing ceremony!

Searching for training? Look no further! Learn from the best at PawHootz Pet Resort.

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