Kids and Dogs

When we think of kids and dogs

most of us think they go together like peas and carrots. It is important to keep in mind that both the children and pups need a bit of structure for this union to go smoothly. Here are a few thing to tell the kids in your life about dogs.


  1. pet the dog’s body
  2. offer your dog toys and treats when your parents allow it
  3. approach dogs from the side
  4. let sleeping dogs lie
  5. put the dogs food down at meal time
  6. run around and play fetch
  7. take your dog for a walk with an adult present
  8. be gentle
  9. use a normal, calm voice
  10. brush your dog regularly
  11. teach your dog to sit for petting and feeding


  1. pet the head or feet
  2. take stuff away from the dog or tease him with food or toys
  3. put your face in the dog’s face nor blow in their face
  4. wake up a dog that is resting
  5. bother or touch the dog while eating
  6. force your dog to play if they don’t want to
  7. take the leash of a dog that might pull you down or drag you
  8. hug, slap, pull, ride, poke or squash any dog
  9. scream around any dog
  10. give a haircut or style your dog
  11. let your dog jump on you or your friends