Inside the breed: Labrador Retriever, “Labs”

Inside the breed: Labrador Retriever, “Labs”

“Labs” are the most popular breed of dog in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. They are originally from New Foundland Island in Canada but they are now bred almost all over the world.

downloadOriginally fisherman used Labradors to assist in carrying ropes between boats, pulling nets and grabbing stray fish from the water. Labs have webbed feet that help them swim, and they swim well, very well. They love water. So it is not unusual for a Labrador to dig in a water bowl and try to get in the pool.

They have a great sense of smell, which makes them great for search and rescue and narcotics detection in images (3)law enforcement. Labradors are excellent at retrieving and very patient which has made them the top dog used as guide dogs for the blind and assistance for the disabled.

Labs have been loyal hunting companions to humans for years.

Labradors are able to endure long hours of training but it’s not a good idea to keep them in small apartments. Labradors are good companions to children and other dogs, they love to work and socialize.

images (2)They have a tendency to over eat so it is important to keep them on a balanced diet and regular vigorous exercise is recommended.

Puppies are born with adult coloration which is usually yellow, black or chocolate brown, though red was also one of the original colors and it occasionally can be found in some litters. Labradors’ coat is thick and short with no wave which they shed throughout the year. Females are usually between 55 and 70lbs and males are between 65 and 70lbs.


Since Labradors are very popular, there are many breeders and rescue organizations that specialize in Labs. There are many different options for you when adding a Lab to your life so make sure you are promoting sensible breeding or supporting rescue groups.