Fun Winter Activities | Animal America Pet Resort

The weather outside is frightful, but the time you spend with your furry friends doesn’t need to be anything less than delightful! Let’s have a fun time looking at some activities that you and your pup can do to stay warm even when it’s so cold outside.

Even if there’s nothing more that you’d love to do than sit inside where it’s warm, it’s important that your dog gets the exercise he needs. So start with making sure that you’re still taking your dog for short walks even when it’s cold outside! Just make sure that you dress both yourself and your pup appropriately, and try to time your walks for the warmest part of the day.

Is your dog averse to the cold or getting bundled up? Try investing in a pet treadmill or bringing your pup to a pet gym or dog daycare.

Winter is also a great time to spend time inside teaching your pup tricks or playing games. So stock up on plenty of treats and get ready to have some fun time with some indoor activities!

Help your pup burn energy fast by using his favorite toys to play tug-o-war or monkey in the middle. Make sure that you let your pup win from time to time to keep him engaged in the game.

Another way that you and your dog can have fun inside is with a game of hide and seek. If you’re the one hiding, this game works best if your pup has mastered the “sit” and “stay” commands, or if you have another person that can hold your dog still while you hide. Alternatively, keep your dog active and searching while you relax and watch by hiding treats or favorite toys!

Looking for a great way for your pup to exercise without dealing with the great outdoors? Try our Animal America Pet Resort Dog Day Camp service. We’re so sure you’ll love it that your pup’s first visit is free!