Turkey Treasure Hunt

chihuahua turkey costume

Turkey Treasure Hunt:

Turkey Treasure Hunt 11/02: Get ready for a nose-twitching, tail-wagging treasure hunt like never before! Our upcoming event invites your palz to showcase their incredible sense of smell in a playful pursuit of themed toys hidden in the most sneaky spots around the yard.

Picture this: toys strategically tucked away behind Klimbs, ramps, mats, and other clever hiding spots, challenging our furry detectives to put their noses to the test. It’s a game of canine hide-and-seek that promises not only entertainment but also a showcase of your palz’s impressive olfactory skills.

Join us as each pup becomes a four-legged detective, sniffing out treasures and unraveling the mystery of the hidden toys. The joy and excitement will be palpable as tails wag with each discovery, turning the yard into a playground of sensory exploration.

So, gather your curious canines, bring your enthusiasm, and get ready for a day of sniffing, searching, and, most importantly, finding joy in the simple pleasures of a treasure hunt tailored just for our palz!