Pal Patch Relay

dog recall

Pal Patch Relay:

Pal Patch Relay 11/14: Get ready for a day filled with furry fun and canine camaraderie at our upcoming event! Join us for an exciting exercise where our playful palz will be armed with doggy batons, ready to show off their recall skills in the daycamp yard. The goal? To bring those batons straight to the counselors when summoned!

Watch as our four-legged friends embark on a recall adventure, showcasing their obedience and agility. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness the bond between our palz and their dedicated counselors. With tails wagging and ears perked up, our palz are sure to steal the spotlight as they respond to the call and bring those doggy batons to the forefront.

This event promises laughter, wagging tails, and a whole lot of paw-some moments. So mark your calendars, bring your enthusiasm, and be prepared for a day of unforgettable canine antics!