Monday Run Day 8/15

rough collie

Monday Run Day

  • Mondays we will be encouraging the enrichment dogs to be as active as possible. This means obstacle courses and klimbs will be used during each activity. 
  • Puppy Push Ups and stretches are a great way to include TLC dogs who may not be as active.
  • Nature walks may be available for dogs who can’t use the equipment but must be cleared by a manager and done with an experienced handler only. 

Elevated PLay

Elevated Play pieces together education and entertainment for endless paw-zibilities! We aim to keep your loved one strong, healthy, and smart through customized individual routines.
No matter their age – we have a program that fits! Fill your fur baby’s social calendar while you enjoy yours with Elevated Play and enriched Doggy Day Care.
Canine Enrichment At Pawhootz Pet Resort