Fit Paws Friday 9/2

Dig on pillow training

Enrichment Days of the Week

  • Our enrichment dogs will be able to get some added exercise with our FitPaws equipment. 
  • Stretch sessions, balance and core work are all part of Fit Paws and are a great way to keep our dogs strong and healthy. 
  • We’ll break out the cones, poles and jumps to help our dogs with their dexterity as well! 
  • (Treadmill coming soon: Accessible only by management or training)

Elevated PLay

Elevated Play pieces together education and entertainment for endless paw-zibilities! We aim to keep your loved one strong, healthy, and smart through customized individual routines.
No matter their age – we have a program that fits! Fill your fur baby’s social calendar while you enjoy yours with Elevated Play and enriched Doggy Day Care.
Canine Enrichment At Pawhootz Pet Resort