Fetchman (Level 1 Class)

Bark University Orientation - CGC Certification Badge (Fetchman, Barkmore, Chewnior, Senfur)

Fetchman (level 1 class):

For Fetchman classes, you will meet with Salem Luethy – our lead dog trainer here at PawHootz! She is a behavior specialist and an AKC evaluator with years of experience. 

At this stage, you will work on basic tricks and skills to get your dog adjusted to training and change. It is always important to be patient with your pup and understand that behavior correction takes time to change. Repetition is key to learning!

You and your pup will go over:

  • Recap on orientation
  • Self soothing – getting your dog to calm down
  • Name and cue – getting attention and focus
  • Sit at side – for loose leash walking
  • Jumping  –  correcting greeting behavior
  • Release cue – replaces “stay” verbal cue
  • Leave it – ignoring distractions

Class starts @ 6 PM – 7 PM.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out: 
Phone: 817-498-6410 
Email: play@pawhootz.com