Employee profile: Teres

20170116_191143Name: Teres

Pets (species, breed, age, fun fact): Depot 13yrs old black lab, loves to bark. Haley 9 Rottie/ Coonhound mix best girl ever! Nelli 2 yrs Pettite Pitt/ Dalmatian mix loves to cuddle. All 3 are rescue pups.

If you could choose one of our regulars to take home with you, who 20170701_140051would you choose? Kiera Laney

What’s your favorite part of working at Animal America? Huggs and kisses from the doggies.

If you could have any pet what species or breed would you choose and why? Yellow lab.

List 5 interests: Halloween, spending time with my family (I have a lot of family), gambling, reading, cooking and baking!20180215_222159