Elsie: Dog of the month



When is your dog’s birthday?

Born February 2015


Where did you get her?

Adopted from the City of Irving Shelter in April 2015 at 8 weeks old

el frisbee




Describe your dog in five words.

Energetic, intelligent, athletic, determined, adorable





elsie s



What is your dog’s favorite food?

 Rotisserie chicken


What is the cutest thing she does?

She loves to play frisbee and fetch



el grinch




What is the smartest thing she does?

She learned to let herself out of her crate before her first birthday and can open doors with levered handles. 






Anything else about your dog that you would like to share?

Elsie wants to be everyone’s friend and has no concept of personal space. If she likes you, she thinks it’s perfectly natural to stand motionless between your knees. 

el beach