Dursey: April’s Pal of the Month

Our PawHootz Pal of the Month is, Dursey!

He is a handsome two-year-old Vizsla who was adopted from a breeder in Hardisty, Oklahoma at seven weeks and a day old. With help from the breeder, Dursey’s mom chose him to be her hiking and marathon partner and they train for about 500 miles a year while Dursey gets to show off his hard-wired skills of seeking and pointing. He likes to celebrate his birthday with a nice hike out on the trails and of course a yummy Dairy Queen ice cream cone afterward.

The smartest trick Dursey executes is hiking off-leash with mom, where she hides 8 treats in random places and identifies each as “home” for him to find on the way back.

Mom describes his personality as loyal, trusting, active, playful and inquisitive. Dursey’s favorite food is “I and Love and You” kibble and enjoys his Lamb Lung as a special treat! He also LOVES playing with balls and finds the nearest ball when calling out  “Find ball, Dursey”. 

Dursey’s most interesting behaviors are associated with his breed, he is fastidious about cleaning himself (cat-like) and his internal clock tells him it’s bedtime, which is at 8:30 pm every night! Vizslas are sensitive dogs and always want to please their humans. Dursey does not like to be separated from his mom (unless he’s with his second family at PawHootz) and will “talk” to you if he doesn’t understand what is being sought.

Congratulations to Dursey for being our first Spring PawHootz Pal!
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