Dog Brain Games

Like with children, playing with your dog isn’t about just having fun. Dogs use play time to burn energy and learn new things. Having regular play time is the perfect way to stimulate your dog’s body and brain!

Make Games Easy and Fun with Treats

Treats can make playing brain-training games easier. Hide a treat or small toy in one hand to play the Which Hand game, or under one of a trio of cups to play the Shell Game! You can also use treats to reinforce the rules of Hot or Cold, Hide and Seek, or Fetch. A dog that’s mastered hiding and fetching games can also be trained to clean up or to fetch lost objects!

Teaching Tricks

A great way to get your pup using his brain is to interact and teach tricks that your dog can perform on command. These will be fun to integrate into your play time routine, and impressive to show friends! You’ll also want treats when you’re teaching your pup tricks, but once they’ve learned the rules, you’ll be able to get more performance and play for fewer rewards!

Bring Out the Toys

The market is full of interactive toys that are designed to stimulate thinking and puzzle-solving! You can incorporate these toys into games and play time with your dog, mixing up the routine and adding an extra element of fun! Toys can also come in handy when you want your pup to engage his brain, but you don’t have time for a lengthy play session. Just get out your dog’s favorite puzzle, add treats, and let him play!

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