Cozy Indoor Activities | Animal America Pet Resort

The weather outside is less than delightful, so that means more quick walks and less time outside enjoying fun games of fetch. But there’s no need to let the brisk weather keep you and your furry friend from enjoying lots of time being active together!

Indoor Exercises

It’s easier than you might think to turn cold and dreary indoor days into days full of fun exerciseswith the creative use of toys and living room space!

  • Play indoor fetch by tossing lightweight balls indoors. Just make sure that you play in a large room or hallway and remove any breakables.
  • Let your pup chase bubbles. Blow non-toxic bubbles made for dogs or kids and teach your dog to chase them. It’s fun and surprisingly good exercise!
  • Play tug of war. All you need for this activity is a rope or other tug toy. This game is very fun and great exercise for both you and your dog!
  • Hide and find treats. All you need for this game is yummy treats and lots of places to hide them.
  • Set up an agility course for your pup using common household items like boxes, broomsticks, towels and chairs.

Other Indoor Activities

Indoor time is also a great time to relax on catch up on other activities with your canine companion.

You can make some time for a training session! Whether you’re teaching your pup new tricks or reviewing commands from training school, you just need some treats, some patience and plenty of time with your furry friend.

Indoor time is also a great time to take care of your dog’s basic grooming. Spend a little extra time pampering your pup during her routine brushing and nail trimming!

Want your pup to have a day of indoor activities with other canine companions? Visit the Animal America Pet Resort website to get more information about our Dog Day Camp!