Cooling down your dog during summer

Cooling down your dog during summer

Cooling down your dog during summer can be easy when you think ahead of time. Don’t allow your dog to already be super hot hawibefore you do something about it. By planning your dog’s day with cool activities your dog is sure to have a fun time and stay cool and safe.

Set up a wading pool in the back yard and fill it with cool water: Make sure to check the water for freshness every day so it doesn’t end up as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Make up some pupsicles: Use a variety of fruits and veggies like carrots, broccoli, green beans, blueberries and freeze them with low sodium chicken or beef broth. You can use fun molds or just a simple ice cube tray. Give as a treat to help your dog cool off during lazy afternoons.

You can also make frozen dog toy towers. Using a big plastic container, fill with fresh 1c45282eb103c1d2782363facd34185f--frozen-dog-treats-dog-toyswater and add some of your dog’s rubber toys. Place in the freezer. Once frozen, pop the huge ice tower out of the container and leave it out in the yard. As the ice melts, different toys will become available, entertaining your dog in the evening while you chat and dine with friends outside.

Use a wet bandana or cooling vest for longer walks. Dogs can overheat very fast so keeping ahead of your dog’s needs will keep them comfortable while exercising. You can also spritz your dog with the hose in the yard before you set off on your walk. This keeps download (1)them cool while they walk and by the time you come back your dog will be almost dry. Always bring water for your dog on walks, keeping them well hydrated can also prevent heat related issues.

Make sure your dog is kept indoors with air conditioning between 10am and 6pm, when the imagestemperatures are at the highest. A cool spot to lie in is a must, tile, concrete and wood flooring usually provide the coolest options. Lying down on a cool surface allows your dog to regulate their temperature very effectively. You will notice your dog choosing those cooler floors and lying on their tummy, where their fur is the thinnest.

Pressure-Activated cooling gel mats keep your dog cool, without the need to freeze or chill. These mats can be used in the car, RV, crate or even out on your adventures and camp sites. They are also a good option if your home is mostly carpet. We suggest you buy 2 for longer trips as their cooling powers last about 2 to 4 hours. Then the pad needs about 30 minutes to rest before it will be effective again.


If you don’t feel you can leave your dog inside on their own, just bring them by Animal America for a day of doggie day camp and we’ll entertain them all day while keeping them cool and safe!