Best Breeds: Summer Road Trips | Animal America Pet Resort

Summer is the season of having fun vacations and planning road trips with your family and friends! Are your furry family members coming along on your trips? Let’s take a look at some of the best dog breeds for making long car treks!

Boston Terriers

The sturdy but energetic Boston Terrier is a friendly breed that loves to explore! Their short coats also equate to less shedding in the car when traveling. Just make sure that you’re prepared to keep them protected from any excessively hot or cold environments, and keep them on their leash when stopping at rest areas.


Both Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are popular, loyal pups who love spending time with their humans and exploring nature! These breeds both make perfect companions for people who like camping and hiking.

Great Danes

Surprisingly, the gentle giant Great Danes love spending time in cozy spaces—like cars—with their humans. Just make sure that you plan your trip with this pup accordingly, leaving enough space in your car for him to lounge comfortably and bringing plenty of food.


One the opposite side of the size spectrum are the highly adaptable Chihuahuas. These pups are quintessential lap dogs and are travel size for convenience! Their tiny size and affectionate personality make them great travel companions.

Every dog is different, so no matter what breed your pup is, make sure that you plan your trip appropriately. Make your car a safe environment, take measures to reduce your pup’s anxiety or motion sickness, and make ample stops for your pup to stretch and explore!

Bonus: Need an idea for a dog-friendly road trip? Check out this list of ideas to find a trip near you that will have loads for you and your furry family members to do!

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