Best Breeds for Lazy Autumn Days | Animal America Pet Resort

Is your favorite part of fall those lazy indoor days spent cuddled up with a book and your furry friend? Let’s take a look at some dog breeds that are absolute couch potatoes that would love nothing more than to chill with their human on a chilly day!


The English Bulldog is famous for its short, stocky frame and wrinkly pug-nosed faces. In spite of their tough look, these pups are quite lovable!

They’re also known for being complete couch potatoes. They make great companions for humans who prefer to spend their free time binge-watching shows rather than having outdoor adventures. Just remember that bulldogs can be stubborn and don’t do well in heat so that you can provide your pup with the best training and care!

French Bulldogs are similarly prone to lazing about, although they’re slightly more energetic and much smaller than the English Bulldog.

These pups are particularly popular for city dwellers due to their smaller size and their territorial streak. They can make fairly good guard dogs as they don’t tend to bark unless someone is invading their territory!

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another pup that does well in a city setting. They’re friendly pups that love a good outdoor romp—but are best suited to living indoors most of the time due to their small stature and grooming needs.

These pups are intelligent and affectionate and happy to enjoy some lazy time with their forever human after their moderate exercise needs are met.

Basset Hounds

The easygoing Basset Hound is generally friendly and easy to train. They’re also a breed that’s low-energy and not very playful, making them a perfect companion for some no-nonsense hunting trips and lazy rainy days on the couch!

These pups are fairly low maintenance when it comes to health and grooming. Just make sure you make some regular time for walks, as the easygoing nature of these pups makes them prone to obesity.


Mighty Mastiffs are gentle giants that are known for being great family dogs and for trying their best to be lap dogs in spite of their large size! These pups are happy to laze about with their families, but do require enough space to accommodate their large frames.

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