Artemis: March Pet of the Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we make lots of furry friends! This month, we’re going to showcase a
special canine companion who loves spending time with us and her own canine companions.
Let’s give a warm round of a-paws to the March 2020 Dog of the Month: Artemis! We
interviewed Ms. Artemis’ humans to learn more about what makes this pup so special.

Q: Does Artemis have any special nicknames?
A: Artemis also likes to go by Artie!
Q: When is her birthday, and how do you celebrate it?
A: I think her birthday is on Sept. 26. We haven’t been together on her special day yet, but she’ll
probably spend the day with her friends at PawHootz Pet Resort and maybe get a doggie ice cream
cone on the way home!
Q: How did Artemis become a member of your family?
A: I adopted her from the shelter in October last year. When we met, I asked if she wanted to come
home with me. And in response, I got the sweetest little nose lick “yes!”
Q: How old was she when she joined your family?
A: According to the shelter, she was about 2 years old.
Q: How would you describe Artemis’ personality in five words?
A: I’d describe her as “energetic,” “smart,” “energetic,” “cautious” and oh, yes—“energetic!”
Q: What is her favorite food, treat, toy or other thing?
A: Artemis loves her Nylabone Wishbone!
Q: What is the cutest, smartest or most interesting thing Artemis does?
A: There are no limits if she’s after a squirrel. I’ve seen her climb trees, jump a seven-foot fence and
even once stand inside a birdbath to get to one!
Q: What is her favorite thing about PawHootz Pet Resort?
A: Artie loves visiting and playing with her friends!

Pawhootz pet resort pet of the month
As you can see, Artemis is a special friend, filled with lots of energy—and a healthy love for
squirrels and other dogs!
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