4th of July and dogs

4Th of July and dogs

download4th of July is a time to celebrate with friends and family, to hang out in the back yard, grill and enjoy the fireworks. But 4th of July and dogs don’t always mix well, fireworks can be quite stressful for our furry friends, they can hear them from far away so even if you are not lighting them they could still hear them. According to pet recovery companies, this is one of the most active times of year for them which means many dogs get lost during this particular holiday.

So thinking about 4th of July and dogs we came up with a few tips to keep them safe and happy during the celebrations.

  1. Microchip: The most important thing you can do ahead of the party is to microchip your dog. If your dog is already microchipped make sure your information is up to images (2)date in case your dog gets spooked and runs.
  2. Collar: Make sure your dog’s collar is secure and has tags with your phone number and address on it. Sometimes a neighbor might run into your dog and can quickly figure out where the dog belongs.
  3. Quiet Spot: Set up a quiet spot for your dog to relax in and get away from the guests and noise from fireworks. A small, dark room like a bathroom or closet with very few windows or even a covered crate is a good images (1)option. This spot can be used while guests are arriving and leaving to ensure your dog’s safety while your door is open and as a bit of a buffer for fireworks, both the light and noise they produce. This spot should have some fresh water, a chew toy and a comfy bed.
  1. If you already know the celebrations will upset your dog and are therefore staying home. Think of some distractions for your download (2)dog, instead of trying to make your dog lie down, stay or fall asleep. Certain dogs can use a job as a distraction form the fireworks. It can be a new trick or practicing old tricks, playing fetch, teaching target, something that engages your dog’s mind and body. Just like humans, when a dog is busy with a task, he is less likely to worry about his surroundings.images (3)
  2. Food: Most 4Th of July celebrations include an abundance of food. Make sure your dog is not getting scraps or stealing food from everyone as this can upset their stomach. Foods like avocado, onions and grapes can be toxic to your dog.
  1. Don’t forget to tire out your pup before the party. A tired dog is always better behaved.images
  1. As the party rolls on, make sure your dog is getting potty breaks in a secure yard or on a leash. Fireworks can start at any moment and make your dog run so be prepared.


We hope our tips will be useful so your 4th of July with dogs goes smoothly. Now, let’s celebrate!