5 of the world’s most animal friendly airports

5 of the World’s most animal friendly airports

images (1)This post shows 5 of the world’s most animal friendly airports, from dog parks to zoo animal ready holding spaces. These 5 airports make a big effort to be animal friendly.

In Europe:

  1. Frankfurt Airport in Germany: Lufthansa Animal imagesCargo Lounge it is a 4,000 square meter facility with stalls, kennels, a quiet room for cats, aviaries, climate controlled chambers and even backlit areas for fish. Though dogs and cats visit most often, they are equipped to care for anything, from fish to rhinos, horses and even polar bears. They have a 24 hour staff of veterinarians and handlers. They are the world’s busiest animal airport hub.
  2. Amsterdam Airport has KLM’s Animal Hotel. The Animal Hotel is fully operational 24 aankomst-pandas7hours a day. The hotel staff members follow a specialized training program. This includes training at the School of Veterinary Medicine, a traineeship with a veterinary surgeon, lectures by the Veterinary Inspection Authorities and training at the Amsterdam Zoo. In addition to accommodations for horses and zoo animals, this hotel has one area for dogs and a separate one for cats. You can even hire a dog walker for your dog while they stay there so they get some extra attention.
  3. London has the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC) receive and care for millions of animals including fish, reptiles, zoo animals and pets. Last year 16,000 dogs and cats, 400 horses, 200,000 reptiles, 2000 birds and 28 million fish arrived at HARC.

In North America:

  1. New York’s JFK has the Ark, a 178,000 square foot animal lounge. It includes climate The-ARK-Pet-Terminal-Pet-Oasis-Equine-Livestock-Export-Center-JFK-Airport-NYC_29controlled stalls with bedding and natural light for big animals like horses, zebras and pandas. And an overnight pet resort for dogs and cats. The Ark is designed to take everything from pandas to puppy dogs. They allow all sorts of pets and zoo animals.the_ark_at_jfk
  2. Calgary International Airport in Canada has the International Animal Lounge facility. A 10,000 sq. ft. fully boarding facility for all animals. They are a quick 10 minutes from downloadlarge, small, and exotic pet animal veterinary clinics if your pet requires medical attention. The Calgary Airport Authority’s 20,000 sq. ft. Special Cargo Facility is also available for loading/offloading and short term boarding of small and large animals, and is conveniently located under the same roof.images (2)


If you need any help transporting a pet to or from 5 of the world’s most animal friendly airports give our pet travel experts a call, we’ll schedule flights and accommodations along the way for any pet.

Dog shedding, dog grooming

Dog shedding and grooming

Dog shedding is one of those complaints most dog parents have. There are some dog breeds that shed less than others, but most will lose hair throughout their lives just like we do. Most dogs have two shedding seasons, spring and fall, though for many shedding happens year round.

sashaA dog’s fur helps regulate body temperature, keeping the dog warm in winter and protecting against the sun and heat in the summer. Which is why we usually see a change in coat during spring and fall.

971053_512620492120506_1781626218_nThe dogs who shed the most are usually those with double coats. These dogs have an overcoat like most dogs that is just one type of hair with the same quality all over the body. But, they also have the ability to grow what is called an undercoat. The undercoat is comprised of shorter, rather curly, soft, down like hair that is dense. This layer of hair doesn’t only keep a dog warm but also dry during the cold months. When dogs with double coats are shedding, they are normally shedding their undercoat.

downloadBreeds that normally have double coats include, Golden Retrievers, Pomeranian, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Huskies, etc. Single coat dog breeds can have either long hair like Poodles, Shih Tzus, Yorkies etc. or short hair like Beagles, Boxers, Great Danes, etc.

Poodles, Shih-tzu and Yorkies are considered to have hair, not fur. This is because the single coat will imagesgrow very long, like human hair when it is not cut. Single coat, short haired dog breeds usually shed year round. This is because they are not download (1)trying to get rid of an undercoat, the hair is just following the normal growth and shed cycle. Due to the short length of each hair, the cycle is quite fast in comparison to long hair.

Now that we’ve explained this, what do we do with the different types of fur? When should you shave a dog? When should you brush out the undercoat?

Most people shave their dogs because they are either shedding a lot or the y think that shaving the dog will help them cool down in the hotter months. But many people don’t know that shaving a dog close to the skin will actually make it harder for them to cool down. Dogs can’t sweat like humans do so they need at least some of their hair to form a protective shield from the sun. So dogs that have a single coat, like Poodles, Shih Tzus and Yorkies can be shaved but should always have at least one inch of hair to protect their skin from the sun and help them stay cool.

Dogs with double coats shouldn’t be shaved, unless it is suggested by your veterinarian for a Shed outmedical issue or the amount of matting makes it impossible to brush. The ideal thing to do is a de-shed, we call it a Shed-out at Animal America Pet Resort’s Spa and it involves a full day of brushing, blow drying and special shampoos and conditioners that will release all that lose undercoat that we talked about. This process will allow the dog to keep the over or top coat that guards against the harsh sun and can even protect them from mosquito bites in the summer. While the undercoat that was starting to fall out in big chunks is removed.

images (1)Dogs with short hair like Boxers, Beagles and Danes will usually do great with regular baths and a thorough brushing. They shouldn’t be shaved, as that would leave them exposed to the sun’s harmful rays and leave them unable to regulate their body temperature.

If your dog is shedding and you are not sure about what type of coat your dog has, or which grooming process would be the best for your dog, our professional groomers are always happy to take a peek at your dog and give you some advice, just stop by the Resort.

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10 amazing benefits of day camp

10 Amazing benefits of day camp

We love day camp and after you read the 10 amazing benefits of day camp you and your dog will love it too.

  1. Dog day camp provides a safe and fun way for your dog to exercise. Exercises is important for your dog and tired dogs tend to behave a lot better at home. Tired dogs mostly sleep, so there is less time to get in trouble.IMG_4178
  2. Socializing is a very important part of why we provide group play for our dogs. In dog day camp, your dog will learn to interact and play with other dogs. Our dog groups are always supervised by trained camp counselors to provide a fun and safe environment for all the dogs. For this reason, all dogs undergo temperament testing and are introduced to other dogs that we think would be a good play pal. dc Moment
  3. A great benefit of bringing your dog to day camp is that the pup will be accustomed to being handled by several different humans. This is a very important part of getting your dog to be a well rounded pup. Dogs who are introduced and handled by many humans can adapt much better to new circumstances, house guests, new family members, etc.
  4. Time away from home, breaks up the monotony of daily life for your dog. Can you imagineIMG_4229_Moment spending all day, every day in the same spot? It would be quite boring. Day camp is different every day, the people are different, the dogs are different and the games are different. Sometimes your dog will be in the indoor day camp yard or the weather might be lovely and we’ll hold day camp in one of our outside yards. All our yards have pet turf that is tyso1sanitized daily. And the pup gets a super fun car ride to get to us!
  5. Bringing your dog to dog day camp gets them used to being away from home. This means that in the event that you might need to board your dog because you are going out of town or having a huge party, they already know it’s a place where they are safe and they have fun!puppies_Moment
  6. Your puppy won’t miss a meal because you are stuck at work. We’ll feed your pup breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.
  7. Your pup will learn how to share toys and play nicely. Our camp counselors are watching IMG_4144_Momentthe dogs closely to make sure they are all having fun.
  8. Bringing your dog to day camp will keep your home clean. You won’t have to worry about potty training accidents throughout the day or mud stains if it rains.
  9. Dog day camp allows you some free time to run errands or get a massage without worrying about your dog being home alone.
  10. Introducing a new dog into your family can sometimes be a little hard. Bring both dogs to day camp and we’ll organize the introductions. Day camp is a neutral spot where the dogs can get to know each other and play together.

So make an appointment today to experience the 10 amazing benefits of day camp